Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A Tale of Two Uncles

Ethel Romm in Belvedere overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge
Ethel Grodzins Romm in Belvedere, CA
overlooking the foggy Golden Gate Bridge
Sept. 7, 2008CE

I have returned from a lengthy yet whirlwind sojourn in San Francisco. The trip was successful; the return less so: I seem to have caught a bit of a cold in SF, not helped by the dry air in the plane coming back.

The occasion was the opening of the Front Page Project at the Free Speech Movement Cafe at UC Berkeley. On display outside the Moffit Library are 16 (iirc) front pages of from newspapers all over the world. And a little plaque, dedicating the project to my aunt, longtime Berkeley librarian Anne Grodzins Lipow.

I stayed first with her second husband Steve (where I took the above picture of my mother) and second with her first husband Arthur. More later. I'll finish up the RNC stuff before a full trip report. The culture shock from the far right goppies ("Sarah Palin is a great choice!") to the far left socialist professor ("I don't trust either political party") may have weakened my immune system.

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