Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

I-35W Bridge: Open, if you notice

I-35W Bridge collapsed
I-35W Bridge, days after the collapse
On North side looking roughly SE
August 11, 2007CE

New I-35W bridge, first day opened
New I-35W Bridge, open to traffic for just a few hours
From almost the same spot as above
September 18, 2008CE

Well, it's open. It's large. Heck, it's huge. Five lanes in each direction, with shoulders (up from 4, w/o). Could be striped for seven lanes, or the two inner lanes could be used for Light Rail.

I didn't know when I was going over the river. It's so large that you can't see on either side without craning. In the second picture, note the curvy white concrete stele near the middle. That's to designate that you're about 1 second from going over water. There's another on the other side. It will be lit, blue, at night. That's how you know you're over the river.

Boring, but built to last a hundred years.

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