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San Francisco: BART to Embarcadero

Busker at Embarcadero
Busker at Embarcadero
San Francisco, Sept. 5, 2008CE

(continued from RNC: Total Immersion)

... I was in San Francisco, John McCain's speech ringing in my ears; pictures of confetti and elephants dancing in my eyes. I barely had time to post some of the interviews -- and certainly not all of them -- before I was whisked away. I'd forgotten my trip started quite this early.

So I was still in Reporter Mode, with camera and interview kit. After a bit of last minute packing and a rush to the airport, the trip itself was uneventful, though still political. I met several delegates heading home, and got into a heated (but friendly) debate with Mark Matthews of Ch. 7 News in SF about the role of reporters and the news media in politics. But I didn't record any interviews on the plane.

I was going to stay with my uncle, who lives in Tiburon (really Belvedere), which is a ferry trip from SF. Taking the BART from the airport to the Embarcadero, one of my BART-mates was a refugee from New Orleans.

Lana Schaeffer left her home in the French Quarter of New Orleans temporarily because of hurricane Gustav, and took the opportunity to visit her second favorite city, San Francisco.

At the Embarcadero, I had lunch at the Crepe and Curry, a two-kitchen set-up at this mall-like structure fronting the plaza, to watch the entertainment (picture, above). I had some sort of turkey crepe, with avocado and more. Yum! Though I wish I'd waited and tried the seafood available in the Clock Tower.

I had time to kill, so wandered a bit up and down the piers. Not too far; didn't go to Fisherman's Wharf. I'd never been to the Embarcadero before, and that itself was a bit of a treat. Pier 1 (iirc) exists to act as landing docks for several ferries that leave from the northern tip of SF to various points across the bay. It's a commuter station. The Clock Tower itself has many restaurants, ranging from a very pricey caviar bar to medium pricey seafood. I didn't see a fast food joint in the place, not that I was looking hard. I did, however, spot some people from CodePink. I had talked to CodePink people on Day 3 of the RNC, who were protesting "Pro-Lifers" who were in favor of preemptive wars and the death penalty. These were also promoting peace, but in a different area.

CodePink Women For Peace, San Francisco
CodePink Women for Peace
Clock Tower of the Embarcadero, San Francisco, Sept. 5, 2008CE

Leslie Angeline of CodePink, Women for Peace with another woman who had been to Iran and a friend helping them carry the banner and promote peace.

Finally, the ferry to Tiberon arrived, and I was another leg of the journey onward.

Port of San Francisco
Port of San Francisco as seen from the ferry
Note tilt of city vs. level ship: I was at sea!
Note also small gull at lower right. Just like the ones across the street in Mpls
Embarcadero, San Francisco, Sept. 5, 2008CE

Here ends the political timeline that started Aug. 21 with the first day of the State Fair. Three podcasts (with numerous interviews on each), 42 interviews posted to LiveJournal as mp3s (so KFAI could use them), hundreds of pictures, a wide range of political views. The political reporting isn't over, but the next sequence is mostly family.

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