Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Kid in bus

Kid In Bus
Kid in the 94 bus
heading home from the RNC 9/2/08

Not really a Republican National Convention picture, and not really a Hidden Minneapolis picture (though I have a couple of St. Paul mural pics from the bus ride). I'm crunching the RNC pictures for a gallery and got to this one, and don't want to let it slide by. So LiveJournal gets it.

Two days out of the four, I took the bus to St. Paul for the RNC, taking slightly different routes both times. On Tuesday, I took the 94 from downtown St. P to downtown Mpls and thence the 18.

Getting on the bus, a woman was asking for directions to a building in downtown Mpls, and I was one of the people reassuring her that she was on the right bus. The next open seat was behind her and her daughter. They spoke French (I'm pretty sure) together, and it seemed obvious that they weren't used to long bus trips. The mother was okay, but the kid, probably in the 4-5 range, was incredibly antsy the whole time. The mother kept trying to shush the kid and get her to sit still, but that didn't take for very long.

I'm afraid I was more on the kid's side than the mother. I was more than happy to make faces and even sounds at her, and we became playmates. Eventually, she pointed at my camera case. I had been using the camera, intermittently, to take pictures out the window, and she was curious. So I took a picture of her.

I gave my card to the mother. They got off a few stops before I did, and I never saw them again.

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