Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Convivial Day 3

Scott Raun
sraun mulls over his laptop, with Ctein and dd_b in the background
Only three laptops can be seen, of the laptopitude at
Convivial 3, 10/19/08

Kelly Strait
Kelly Strait, amused while crafting
Convivial, 10/19/08

fmsv in the Consuite
Convivial, 10/19/08

I had a good time at Convivial. Laid back yet a lot of stuff was going on. Good people, nice interactions, good munchies. Thanks again laurel and unofficial co-chair kaustin, and everyone who was there!

I'll probably put up more pictures in the next few days, but this is the final in the day-by-day series.

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