Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

RNC Audio in one place

Baron Dave Romm at the Republican National Convention
Baron Dave reporting from the Republican National Convention
just after McCain's acceptance speech, in the bowl
note confetti coming down and fireworks on the big screen
Xcel Center Arena, Sept. 4, 2008CE

All 40 of the interviews I did at the RNC are now gathered together in the Shockwave Radio Theater Audio Page. Listings link back to the LiveJournal blogs. Plan is to make a picture gallery of the best 265 pictures and link to the audio, and have the audio listings list to the picture of the interviewee.

Real Life (tm) intervened and I haven't done much more active reporting for a while, but I want to get it all together (or most of it, anyway) before the election. Yeah, I tend to take small projects and make them larger. Because I can, though perhaps I shouldn't.

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