Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

I voted and other stuff

Line to vote in South Minneapolis
At 7:30am, the line to vote at my precinct in South Minneapolis

I voted!

As usual, I came early. The line was long, but the process was orderly. The weather was beautiful, and no one had a problem waiting outside.

Imam Musse and friends
Imam Musse (r) and friends on line to vote
Mpls 11/04/08

While on line, I spotted an old friend, who I had met on line for the caucuses. English isn't his first language and I'm not sure he understood all the questions, but I think his passion comes across. Imam Sheikh Saad Musse (mp3, 4:05). Even though he watched as I wrote down his name, I'm not sure of the spelling. His prayer center is a block or so from here, and I may drop by.

Suzanne and Robin
Suzanne directs Robin to sign-in area
Mpls, 11/04/08

I was on line with Robin, who lives in my building. He moved here from Bangladesh just after the last presidential election. He's voted before (if I had time I'd find his picture in a previous LJ post) but this was his first time voting for president and he was excited. Suzanne is part of the crew (and who loves KFAI!), directing traffic.

I was voter 119.

Chaz, Chair Election Judge
Chaz, Chair Election Judge
Mpls, 11/04/08

Chaz was a one-person Operations Department, who helped set-up for the 7am opening and will help with clean-up after the polls close at 8pm. I waited a while until a comparatively non-busy time and snuck in an interview. Unlike almost all the political interviews so far, I edited this one down. Charles Saxon (mp3, 2:33).

More to come, perhaps.

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