Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Election: Second Sojourn

After checking early results (of which there were none) and wallowing in political coverage on the web and CNN for a while, I went back outside. Less than two blocks from where I live is a thriving Somali community, with two buildings full of shops and restaurants. Most of the restaurants were of the mom-and-pop variety, and most had a few people loudly discussing something. In Somali (or one of the dialects), I presume. I stopped one person with an "I Voted" sticker.

Ali Sheikh in South Minneapolis
Ali Sheikh (r) at the Karmel Somali Center. Pillsbury near Lake
Mpls, 11/04/08

Ali Sheikh, who voted in Burnsville.

Terese Pritschet, Eva Mitchell & Jesse Weiner
Terese Pritschet, Eva Mitchell & Jesse Weiner
GOTV in the KMart parking lot, about a block away from the Somali center
and across the street from where I live
Mpls, 11/04/08

Terese Pritschet, Eva Mitchell & Jesse Weiner getting out the vote for Obama and the Democrats.

Chad Quaintance and Sarah Levy
Chad Quaintance and Sarah Levy
GOTV in the my condo building
Mpls, 11/04/08

added, because I forgot Chad Quaintance and Sara Levy distributing door handle literature as part of Obama's GOTV effort.

I really didn't have to travel far to talk to immigrant voters and fired up Obama supporters. I'm quickly putting these interviews up so KFAI News has access to them and may use them this evening.

And in case you're curious: No, I didn't see any McCain/Palin GOTV, and no one I talked to (informally) indicated they were voting for any Republican.

The question for me is: Now what? KFAI coverage will last all night, but my kind of person-on-the-street buttonholing doesn't seem to fit with breaking stories about other people's votes. I'm not a Democrat so hanging out with Democrats (or any party) to watch tv stations call races holds no appeal. Hanging out with fans who are gathering to watch the news with dreamshark is far more tempting. Still, I'll either do more stories or, more likely, have a few brews (now legal on election day!) and slide down the evening. There will be plenty of interesting events and stories to cover tomorrow, and thereafter.

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