Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Dog Days of Autumn

Indian Summer has almost been as good as autumn this year. Almost. Still, crunchy leaves and not-too-cold temps have made it pleasant to go outside, if only for a little while, in between snow flurries.

Yesterday was the MN-StF meeting at kalmn's place in St. Paul. Opposite Windycon and several other events, the party was small but cozy. A good group. And we often simply played with the dogs, who were after cheese.

Marion and Betsy at the MN-StF meeting
Marion Turner (with Josie) and kalm (with Pirate)
MN-StF Meeting in St. Paul, MN 11/15/08

Mileage is a consideration, given the price of gas, and I have to plan out my route for the day. Fortunately, the house-warming party of chirosinger and musicmutt is on the way home. The house is quite nice, and I met several new people. I got involved in an interesting group talking about politics: A lapsed Catholic, a Jewish wonk (me) and a Muslim. We had a lively discussion about world history, among other things.

I had to go just as the music was beginning, but I did catch even more dog-playing.

Playing with the dog
Kid and musicmutt playing with the dog
House Warming Party, Mpls, 11/15/08

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