Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Porpoising To Antarctica: Shutterfly project complete.

All the pictures are up on Porpoising To Antarctica. The first album is The Best of Porpoising, roughly the same range of pictures as I printed out and brought to the MN-STF Pool Party. 155 pictures I think are the best, or at least the most representative. Mostly from Antarctica, there are a few pics from Santiago and Ushuaia and Coconut Grove, Florida. Some are cropped and edited, and I tried to annotate them (though Shutterfly cut off some of the iPhoto descriptions I uploaded).

The next thirty-four albums contain all 2389 pictures, unedited.

Feel free to leave comments (good ones, I hope).

Okay, Phase Two complete. Phase Three (galleries on my site with selected pictures with greater annotation but lower resolution) and Phase Four (day-by-day trip report with links to galleries) are going to happen... Real Soon Now...

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