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The trip out to Washington DC was relatively uneventful. Despite traveling on Thanksgiving Day with the bus/Light Rail on Holiday schedule and a potentially crowded airport, from leaving home to being inside airport security was a bit more than an hour. (Remember that time.) The flight was packed, but on time.

Niece Antonia, greeting "Uncle David"
Washington DC, Nov. 27, 2008CE

The clan gathering was small. My brother Joe, sister-in-law Patty, mother/bubbe Ethel, me and, of course, the star attraction: 21 month old Antonia. Last time I saw her, on her first birthday, she couldn't talk or walk. And now, she was making up for lost time.

Also, she picked up childhood nickname: Tua, pronounced "TOO-ah", based on an early attempt to say her name. She responded to both "Antonia" and "Tua" (I'm guessing on the spelling). She remembered me, from way back when.

I picked her up, wearing a blue shirt with slightly purple buttons. She fingered a button, and proudly declared, "Foo-sha!" I thought for a bit... fuscia! What a remarkable vocabulary as well as a remarkable color sense for one so young. As it turned out, the vocabulary was understandable: She's fond of Fancy Nancy, "who says fuscia instead of blue". Still, she didn't point to my blue shirt, she correctly identified the color of the button. Amazing.

For Tua, walking leads to larger activities.

Antonia jumping
Antonia jumping
Washington DC, Nov. 27, 20087CE

And, as you might surmise, being read to is one of her favorite activities. I was only too happy to oblige.

Uncle Dave and Antonia
Uncle Dave reading to Antonia
Washington DC, Nov. 27, 20087CE

Thanksgiving dinner was great; Patty is a marvelous cook and they are wonderful hosts. My time in DC was short, and much of it was spent with family... but that will wait for another post.

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