March 30th, 2005

New Tilley Hat


Hi there. This is mainly a pointer to the Dave Romm's Portal and serves as a little bio. I'm quite new to Live Journal and haven't figured out all the outs, much less the ins.

My name is, variously, David E Romm (no period on the E, thank you), Dave Romm or DavE (not "DavE Romm". My title my be affixed to any of the preceding cognomens: I am a real baron of a fake country. There's a certificate and everything.

I produce Shockwave Radio Theater, now in its 26th year. Lots of information about the show on my web site. I take too many pictures to put up properly annotated galleries, but I'll get to the recent cons as soon as I can.

Impressions was the name of my personalzine in the 70s and I've adopted it as the name of my Live Journal. For now.

My icon is a picture of me wearing Dr. Demento's top hat taken by Brian LaBounty on his cell phone right before Marscon 2004.
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