April 4th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

50th Birthday Party!

One might think that I would have several decades in which to plan such an event, but alas.

On Saturday, April 16th starting around 6:30pm there will be a birthday party for me at Dreampark. If you don't know the address, e-mail me. My mother is flying in from New York to hold the party, which is why it falls, reluctantly, to me for announcements and falls to Sharon and Richard, with more excitement, to act as hosts.

This is not an open party, but I'd like to have all my friends (or even people who once said something nice about me) help celebrate my birthday. Even if I haven't seen them in a while. Yes, this means you Rad Parker. I anticipate a slightly different mix than a MN-STF meeting (and apologize again to Scott and Irene for being opposite the meeting at their house).

Please spread the word to all interested parties.

Presents are neither required nor expected. Musicians welcome (except if they sing "Happy Birthday"). There is no theme per se, but I encourage people to be clever with costumes/dress/whatnot featuring 50, 50%, 1/2 and so on.

I'm not really big on birthdays, but what the heck.
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