April 14th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

50th Birthday Celebrations!

Here is my template for announcements. Some of you got this (or some variant thereof) and if you haven't, you have now. I'm still trying to contact Jeff Schalles and Dave Messer. If anyone has updated contact info on them, please let me know.

Come help me celebrate my 50th birthday! Party at Dreampark (4002 Pillsbury Ave S.) Sat. Apr. 16th starting at 6:30pm.

Sorry for the late notice. One might think I'd have several decades in which to plan such an event, but alas. It came together kinda quick since my mother is actually hosting the party and she lives in NYC.

It's not an open party, but I'd love to have the people who were important in my life attend and maybe bring the people who are important in their life. This means you!

Presents are neither required nor expected. Musicians welcome (except if they sing "Happy Birthday"). There is no theme per se, but I encourage people to be clever with costumes/dress/whatnot featuring 50, 50%, 1/2 and so on.

Come just for the L of it.

TTFN, Baron Dave

PS: It's also Carole Vandal's birthday party, and Richard Tatge's b-day is the 18th!
New Tilley Hat

XXV Bands I have seen live

I dunno if this is spreading a meme or merely bragging, but here are 25 bands/artists I have seen live. Several lists have been posted so I'm not going to take one and start with overlap. Some of these have been at cons and festivals, but all were concerts (vs. music circles). I don't go to many concerts, but they add up over the years and I had to pick and choose to get down to 25. In semi-chrolological order:

Pete Seeger (many times)
Up With People (who opened for Pete Seeger!)
PDQ Bach
How To Change A Flat Tire
Gentle Giant
Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen
Steeleye Span
Albany Free Traders &
Boiled In Lead

The Roches *
Dave Van Ronk *
Steve Goodman
The Greatful Dead (but only once)
Weird Al Yankovic
Maslow's Hierarchies (still my favorite band name)
Klezmerim (I think that was the name)
Tonic Sol-Fa (several times, at the Fair)
Ch'Uwa Yacu Bolivia (among others)
The Flash Girls &

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz *
Cats Laughing &
The Nick Atoms &
The Great Luke Ski &

* denotes an interview with the performer
& means that one or more members of the band have appeared in Shockwave skits

(Sorry Shoebox, I ran out of slots before I got to Worm Quartet)