April 25th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Saturday's Show, Monday's review column

Saturday was a fun Shockwave. We talked about Earth Day and I played a few Earth-Day related songs, and one Passover song where Peter Ustinov introduced the singing of the Four Questions. Brian's long project to get non-copywritten music from the Federal Government (they can't copyright anything) is arriving. Lots of Marching band music and such. We have a free version of the Liberty Bell March! (The Monty Python theme.) They do a version of "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines" which brought up the question: Can you not have a copyright on a copywritten song? Since we're a licensed station it doesn't matter on the air, but can we use it for other things, such as background to a commercial production? Hmm...

HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxay movie coming out this week! Where is Zaphod's other head?

Today's Bartcop-E with my Monday music recommendation column is about Tony Goldmark and Sudden Death, from the CDs picked up at Marscon. At the moment, I don't have e-mail, as I switch to the new computer and my Eudora settings aren't cooperating, so could someone let them know? The page is updated daily and if they don't get there today (Mon 4/25) then it will be in the Bartcop-E archives and at some point in my archive of music recommendation columns.
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