May 14th, 2005

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[This is the intro I wrote for today's Shockwave. I didn't read most of it, and Brian and I meandered off into other ad libs, but Live Journal gets the whole thing. If the cut id thing doesn't work, this will be long...]

Orson Scott Card on Star Trek and the End of Enterprise May 14, 2005

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Good evening, I'm your host, David E Romm. With me is Brian Westley; Rachel and Doug are off this week. Hello to everyone listening to Shockwave over the Internet or archived on Tonight we have a very special show for you.

The series finale of Enterprise was broadcast last night. It may not only be the end of the show, but it might be the end of the Star Trek universe on tv. Fittingly, for the only show not to have “Star Trek” in it’s name, the episode was wholly contained in flashback, a holodeck program run in the middle of episode 164 of The Next Generation called The Pegasus (thanks laurel). I don’t recall the episode, and I never figured out why Riker is troubled and what he finds after viewing the events of The Enterprise. I guess you have to be a real Trekkie to put it all together, and I guess I’m not. I mean hey, it would have been real cool to have Jonathan Archer wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette, but I suppose that wouldn’t have been a good coda to the series.

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The Top 11 things in the future rarely or never mentioned so far on any Star Trek program

11. Politics. They occasionally talk of an election or diplomatic meetings, but their party affiliation or position on issues just doesn't come up very often.

10. Property taxes

9. Transporter failures. In the first movie, the second in command dies in one, McCoy hates them, and Riker was cloned because of an unusual situation. Even the early model in Enterprise is supposed to be dangerous but they use it anyway? Where is Ralph Nader when you need him? Oh yeah, nevermind.

8. Religion. Aliens get to be spiritual, but where are the human mosques & synagogs?

7. Television, or any sort of entertainment media. Does everyone have a holodeck?

6. Sexual mores. Doesn’t anyone use a condom? Does anyone need a condom?

5. Pollution. Not counting Warp Drive pollution.

4. Taking a shower or doing a laundry. Is water only around for whales to swim in? T’Pol occasionally takes a shower, but she’s so sexy you wonder where the slasher is.

3. Both Data and Quark are one-of-a-kind beings. Why aren't people more curious?

2. The information superhighway

1. The Olympics. Assuming they still have them, is there a planetary team or are there still teams from individual countries on any planet?