May 30th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Memorial Day Column

Here is the column I wrote for today's Bartcop-E.

Memorial Day
Honoring Our Soldiers, and Those Who Fight For Them


Anybody who is willing to die for me is my hero. On Memorial Day, we remember the fallen and honor the men and women in uniform. And we should never forget the people who are fighting just as hard to keep them out of danger. George W. Bush is a girly-man who went AWOL from his duties and is not fit to come out of his hidey-hole on May 30st, much less wear a uniform and shake hands with real soldiers. But that shouldn't stop us from honoring those who serve. As John Kerry, a real war hero, said, we should separate the war from the warriors. Kerry was not only a hero while in combat, he was a hero after his service because he tried to get his fellow soldiers out. All soldiers who got out of Vietnam alive owe John Kerry and the anti-war movement their lives, just as we owe the soldiers who died in the war our eternal gratitude.

I don't apologize for failing to fit comfortably within current political labels. Heroes are not heroes because of their ideology, they're heroes because they are fighting for you and me.

He gets up on his soapbox.

Our men and women in uniform are outstanding. They are the best. They are the best trained soldiers in the world, but that's not why they're the best. They have the strongest, most up-to-date weaponry in the world, but that's not why they're the best. They have the most experience military leaders, but that's not why they're the best.

Our soldiers are outstanding because what they are fighting for is outstanding. Any Pvt. Tom, Sgt. Dick or Capt. Mary can be trained to shoot a gun, but only American soldiers know that they are fighting for the USofA.

much soapbox oration hereCollapse )
To those who support war based on lies and outside interests I say: You are doing this country harm.

To those who are against war I say: Remember that our soldiers are fighting for you.

To our soldiers I say: We've got your back.

There are heroes aplenty. There are too many dead heroes.

This Memorial Day, let us remember the fallen and make sure that they are honored for their ultimate sacrifice. And let us, too, honor those patriots who are trying to form a more perfect union.

He kicks away the soapbox. Touching solid earth, misty-eyed, he looks up at the flag.