June 6th, 2005

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The Treason of Richard Nixon: Part I

Today's Bartcop-E column. It started small, honest, with just a list of those convicted in the Watergate scandal... but the whole essay was too long for one week...

The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of America's Slimiest Politician

Republicans are soft on crime... when it's theirs.

With the revelation of Deep Throat who helped Woodward and Bernstein ask the right questions during their investigation of Watergate, right-wingers have fallen all over themselves whining about the truth. Pathetic... and a part of their continuing disinformation campaign. I think it is useful to sit back for a moment and examine just what made Nixon tick and what Watergate was about. Part I will take us through Nixon's 1968 election as president, and Part II will examine the High Crimes and Misdemeanors for which many high-level Nixon administration figures were convicted of, resigned over or pardoned for.

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Checkers Speech, the successful manipulation of the media and the failure to manipulate the mediaCollapse )
Nixon's rise to the presidencyCollapse )
Next week: Agnew, CREEP, Watergate, those who went to jail and those who should have.
New Tilley Hat

Kinesthetic Memory

A few days ago I was in my bank cashing a check. As ID, the teller said to sweep my Instant Cash... er, Well's Fargo Debit Card... through the slot and enter my PIN. I've had the same PIN # for 25 years, and I couldn't remember it. I tried three times. But I know the number, it had to be because the buttons were not the same. The next day I went to an ATM and sure enough my fingers entered the PIN quickly and accurately.

I've always been a highly kinesthetic person. I will often remember poise and touche far easier than names and faces. But this was weirder than most. Maybe I don't want to know the number, I just want to let my fingers do the walking...

I'm curious if anyone else has had that experience.
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