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Friday, June 24th, 2005

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How do people use Live Journal? I'm still comparitively new here (since Minicon), and can see a rather wildly divergent range of styles and activity. But I just don't understand how someone can have 200+ Friends and possibly keep up. Maybe I'm just being shy and unassuming...

I will often duck into the journals of people who have friended me. That way I can read a chunk of personalzine info in a row. Since I can't figure out who many LJ users are by their LJ name -- and sometimes can't figure out who they are from their LJ user info -- I like to go foafing. I go look at the the LJ entry of a Friend Of A Friend and sometimes keep on linking. Does anyone else do this?

A few days ago I started out with the mild intention of Friending someone who I didn't know, way down the foaf chain. Never did quite that, but I discovered how wide the LJ community is. I still don't want lots of Friends, but it would be nice to have a list to check on now and then. I suppose I could just write them down...

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