June 29th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

What counts as a weblog?

Does Live Journal count as a weblog? By a very loose definition, yes. So what the heck. If MIT wants to know stuff, I'll tell 'em. If Weblogs = Personalzines w/hypertext, than my original web site from 1995 counts, though it wouldn't be one today. Anyway, I had an interesting time filling out this survey (c/o supergee).

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

There are several other surveys available. Whee! Good thing I know a bunch of mail carriers and policy makers...
New Tilley Hat

War of the Worlds: An unecessary remake

War of the Worlds isn't bad. It has all sorts of Spielbergian gimmicks, many of which you've seen before, and the 1898 story has melded with the 1938 radio play and 1953 movie in a post-9/11-Afghan/Iraqi Quagmire melieu. The skiffy movies of the 50s prepared us for a nuclear war. With movies like this, the next terror attack won't be nearly as scary. "When the time is right, we'll take 'em by surprise like they took us."

Oh, I guess I have to put this in a cutCollapse )

Loads of special effects, many of them good. If you see iot, I highly recommend searching for a theater with very good sound.

On the Shockwave scale of 9-23, I'd give WotW about a 17.