August 9th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Fringe: Mid-Sunday to late Monday

These are in the order I saw them, continuing from last post. --A few extra comments not in the online reviews.--

Nibblers: A Musical With Sharks, five stars --My first and so far only five star rating this year. I really loved this one.--
"It'll Cook Your Sushi": Sharks just wanna have lunch in this marvelous musical that takes place in the Mall of America. Familiarity with the MOA and environs is a major plus, but not required. Like all good kids' stuff, Nibblers is mainly for adults. The plot is silly but works. The songs are great The singing is great (the two kids are extraordinary). My favorite Fringe show ever (so far).

Soundtrack for the Common Man, four and a half stars
"A traditional revue": Excellent songs excellently sung. There is no plot, just a sequence of musical numbers that fit just right. I'm not common enough for the songs to have much personal meaning, but the adult situations are well-served.

I'm Sorry and I'm Sorry, four stars
"I'm Sorry Too": Brilliantly acted but ultimately unsatisfying. Lots of laughs and physical comedy that just doesn't go anywhere.
--I guess sparkling dialog and leaping on each other isn't sufficient for me. Peter Lorre meets Snagglepuss. You learn a bit about the characters as the show progresses, but no real clue to motivation.--

Michigan Disasters, four stars
"A peninsular autobiography": Simple stories of terror, death and growing up in Michigan... but not at the same time. Tim Uren is good storyteller and weaves history and geography together. Cornish mining, Lake Superior maritime disasters and family plots are all part of this one man show.
--Autobiography vies with Shakespeare as Most Overdone Topic Of The Fringe. At least Uren adds a mining disaster and the Edmund Fitzgerald.--

Mythed, four and a half stars
"A Girl Made From Flowers": An unpronounceable Welsh myth done with whimsy and charm. The singing is terrific, the harmony beautiful. A simple set is transformed by the skill of the actors from a forest to a house to a bedroom. An easy plot to follow and a delicious feast for the eyes and ears.
--minnehaha K and co. were present. I met some people who were from North Dakota and we had a splendid time. In fact, they were around for...--

Thirst, one and a half stars
"A For Effort, B For Boring": The action takes place outside, and the sound system was having tremendous problems... then it started to rain and everyone went indoors. I give the cast and crew an extra half star for carrying on, and give Joe's Garage a half star for hosting the event, but it gets taken away because they were NOT serving food as advertised and I was hungry the whole time. The skits were well acted but pointless or confusing. The payoffs were few and far between. Given some good dialog and coherent scenes these actors could do well in this setting. But this hour and a half show should be forgotten quickly.
--dreamshark liked this one, I didn't. I thought it was dumb. My new friends from N. Dak were split. Still, the last sketch was the best one so Dreamshark missed something; in one of the later skits they sort of wrapped up the power outage thing, but badly. Never did figure out the story arc.--