August 13th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Fringe and Falling Stars

Been going to too many Fringe shows to talk about them, except on the web. You can read the reviews of all 24 Fringe Shows I've been to here.

Today's Shockwave will have more Fringers, probably the Chicks In Space group, but it's hard to say just who'll show up. I might play some of the iPod interviews which will eventually be on the web.

I'm Fringed out. I may not go to any more shows, though I may just hit one more tonight and one tomorrow just to say I went to a Fringe everyday. (And yes, I've been verbing nouns and nouning verbs like all get-out.)

One of the reasons I'm tired is that jiawen and I went to the Onan Observatory to see the Pleides meteor shower. Pretty neat. The MAS people were there, running the telescopes and pointing out constellations and oohing along with us. The weather was perfect (though you wouldn't have known from a few hours ahead) and we saw lots of nifty sky things. Didn't get to sleep until 6am Friday. *yawn*