August 25th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

State Fair, Day 1 hour 3

I went to the Minnesota State Fair. I like going opening day because ticket prices are lower and the hucksters haven't used up their spiels. The Fair technically opens at 6am, but few of the breakfast/food places are open then. Usually, it takes until noon or 1pm until the sea of people is too much for me to handle. I arrived at the U of MN park-and-ride lot about 9am... and it was crowded. Lines of cars waiting to park. Hordes of orange-flag waving minions directing traffic to the proper row. I don't recall that many people, mostly kids, in previous years. The bus to the Fair was crowded, standing room only. The bus driver felt compelled to remind everyone of the bus number, which U of M parking lots we should be sure to be dropped off at, and where to pick up the bus on the way back. Either someone is extra Minnesota Nice or crowd control was a problem last year.

The first thing I always do is get All The Milk I Can Drink. Milk was a dollar this year, up from fifty cents, and the milk comes down from pipes overhead, not the knee-height spigots of bygone years. So I had two whole milk, one chocolate and kept the cup; cargo pants are good for many things.
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Went down the street, had a last glass of milk; the brave styrofoam cup had lasted more than three hours. Looked at the alpaca booth: no alpacas. Decided I didn't need any Elk or buffalo jerky. Left the fairgrounds (getting my hand stamped Just In Case) and took the bus back to the parking lot.

Couldn't find where I parked. Annoying: This rarely happens. Fortunately, I wasn't too far off and found it; indeed, I must have walked nearly right by it the first time. *whew* Dumped frogs and crickets and CDs in the very hot car, opened the windows, and drove home.
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