August 29th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Ikiru and 2036

Bartcop-E column for today, Aug. 28 YML 36, edited for Live Journal.

Review of Ikiru (1952) by Akira KurosawaCollapse )

Review of 2046 (2004) in some theaters nowCollapse )

Political quick thoughts for August, 2005:

  • Christian extremists have long been jealous of their Islamic wahhabi counterparts. Finally, Ayatollah Pat Roberston succumbs to temptation and issues a fatwa!
  • Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction (a brief spot of flesh in long shot) cost CBS $550,000. How much do you think Ayatollah Robertson's highly illegal incitement to terrorism will cost the 700 Club? I'm betting $0: Republicans are always soft on crime when it's theirs.
  • According to the latest Ipsos Poll the percentage of people who approve of George W. Bush's conduct in the war in Iraq (37%) is roughly the same as the percentage of people who believe in UFOs (34%). Coincidence?
  • George W. Bush takes more vacation time than the French.
  • Bush's refusal to meet with Cindy Sheehan demonstrates, once again, how little he cares for our troops or their families. Once again, Bush runs away from his problems. Once again, Bush surrounds himself with sycophants and people who can't spell sycophant. Once again, Our Glorious Leader has no clothes.
  • Beware people who think Mel Gibson makes documentaries and Michael Moore doesn't.
  • Those who purport to believe in Intelligent Design really ought to read Robert Heinlein's The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag collected in the book of the same name. I was unable to dig up a good plot summary on the net, but trust me. None of this Flying Spaghetti Monster nonsense, this is real fiction!
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