October 24th, 2005

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Recommended Music Part IX: Michal Mish

This was my Bartcop Entertainment column for 10/24/05

Recommended Children's Music Part IX
Michael Mish (And April Winchell)

Michael Mish doesn't write children's songs, he writes songs that children will understand. Unlike Joe Scruggs or Tom Chapin (both highly recommended and reviewed here earlier) who's songs are frequently from the child's point of view, Michael Mish presents adult subjects in a way that anyone can relate to. He writes about animals and the solar system, and the kids will get it.
Michael Mish CDs/CassettesCollapse )
Michael Mish understands music; more, he understands sound. He talks to kids without talking down to them. All his CDs and tapes (even the ones I haven't heard) are worthy and highly recommended.

Michael is busy transfering a bunch of his tapes to digital, so this review covers only two that are currently out on CD and available on CDBaby: The MishMashMusic Sampler and We Love Animals. The other two were digitized review copies and they'll be available sometime, so bug him to keep at it! Even for adults, much Michael Mish Music is iPod worthy (MMM=iPw, heh).


April Winchell keeps a large collection of very strange music in mp3 form on her site. This week, she has 15 different covers of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, ranging from Paul Anka to British Ukulele to gregorian chant to (the best) Weird Al.

If you want Frank Sinatra Jr. singing the Gumby Theme Song or Norwegian Wood done to the tune of the Mission Impossible Theme or Milton Berle riffing off Yellow Submarine or the Star Trek theme as done by Nichelle Nichols or as German techno or have a desperate hankering to hear the Muppet Theme Song in Hebrew or YMCA in Cantonese or need the spiritual awakening of Amazing Grace as sung by Donald Duck... this is the place to go.

I don't know anything about her, but she was described to me as "Paul Winchell's estranged daughter", and she talks about her experiences in and around the show. She apparently has a weblog with archives going back to June 2001 and keeps a large multimedia collection available to the public. I just found out about all this from Shockwave Rider Brian Westley, and am passing the information on to you. Use your knowledge for good. With Dr. Demento not on locally, I can tell what I'll be listening to for a while.