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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

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Returned with water
Got back from the Antarctic yesterday. First thing I did was take the water in my traveling bottle (filled on the Endeavour as we were among the icebergs) and pour it down the drain here in Mpls. Yup, sure enough: Water from the Southern Hemisphere goes down the drain clockwise. Previously, the water I'd brought from Mpls went down the drain in Santiago counterclockwise. What a world!

Arrived in Mpls at about 6pm. Had dinner, watched a little tv (my first tv in three weeks!) then went to bed about 8. Didn't get up until 8am today. Am still tired. Will spend the day recovering and downloading pictures and answering mail and catching up and so on.

Yes, I took a staggering amount of pictures: I lost count, as I was filling up folders on mom's laptop. Between the two of us (and I took far more pictures than she did), we nearly filled up five CDs worth of pics. And that doesn't count the 200+ I took after we left the ship. I took a lot of Butterfly World and the swamp tour in Miami. I kept a log on the ship, which is ten pages of mainly notes.

Current plan is to go though the trip, day by day starting in DC for Thanksgiving, and post beta reports on LJ before they become more formalized web pages on romm.org.

Which reminds me: Could you recommend free sites that host pictures? So many people on the ship wanted to see pictures, especially pictures with them in it, and I'd like to be able to have them download the larger file (before I compress it for the photo galleries on my site). I've never used shutterfly or yahoo pictures or whatever. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Requirements: Free for me, easy to upload and annotate (by roll) and easy for others to download.

In other news: Laughter is a Powerful Weapon Vol. 2 is out. The Katrina Relief CD contains a huge amount of music and skits from funny musicians (which I haven't heard yet) including a Shockwave Radio Theater skit from Marscon 2003. All profits go to Katrina relief.

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