December 23rd, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Best Birthday Present Ever: Porpoising To Antarctica Part I

It's been more than a week and I'm not nearly through editing the pictures, but I might as well start here on LJ. I'm putting most of this behind a cut ID because the pictures make the file large. Fair warning.

minnehaha K only wanted to see 20 pictures from the Antarctica trip. There are 16 in this section, all taken in Washington DC before the trip South began. Fair warning there too, K.

Note to future readers: The pictures are temporary files on my system, and will likely look different than when I posted them. Go to for info on the trip report (which isn't even remotely started).

This is a first draft. No wait... up not up to a first draft yet. Call it draft 0.4.

Thank you, and happy reading.

"So, you're 50 years old," says my mom. "What do you want for your big birthday?"
"I've always wanted to go to the Antarctic," I say offhandedly.

The above conversation, an amalgam of many, is pretty much where we started. My jet-setting mom had just turned 80 and was a Friend For Life with Lindblad Expeditions. One of their Expeditions is to Antarctica. So mom arranged for us to go on the expedition that began the day after Thanksgiving. It never seemed real until just a few weeks before the trip, when the gear arrived and I needed to be checked out by a doctor so they'd let me go to places that didn't have a lot of medical personnel. I didn't talk about it much, because I only half believed that it would happen. The day came.

First stop: Thanksgiving in Washington DC at brother Joe and sister-in-law Patty's house near Washington Zoo.
Washington DC notes, with picturesCollapse )
Friday 11/25. Have to leave early so set the hotel clock's alarm to 6 am. But the aarm didn't ring. Fortunately, I woke up anyway 6:15, made it to Joe's house, two blocks away, by 6:30 to take a taxi with mom. I was in DC for about two and a half days, including time spent at airports and in taxis.