December 26th, 2005

New Tilley Hat

Best Birthday Present Ever: Porpoising To Antarctica II: Miami to Santiago

The continuing disclaimer: This is the rough first draft of my trip report, and I haven't even looked at all the pictures yet. The pictures as posted on LJ are temporary files on my system, and will likely look different than when I posted them. Go to for info on the trip report (which isn't even remotely started).

Go to to see all the pictures, unedited and uncompressed. This range is in Antarctica Trip II. Let me know if Shutterfly's navigation isn't working.

From Washington DC, mom and I needed to get to Miami to join the Expedition. So therefore, we went to… Newark, the hub for Continental. A short layover, thence to Miami. My mother is an experienced traveler, a jet-setter, and arranged most of the trip including seat assignments. We were usually next to each other on the plane, and could watch each other's luggage. She has pouches for passport/tickets and had advice on comfort, etc. . While we traveled light, we had enough stuff that we often needed luggage carts.
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