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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

Time Event
Best Birthday Present Ever: Porpoising To Antarctica IIIa: Santiago Nov. 27 early afternoon
The continuing disclaimer: This is the rough first draft of my trip report, and I haven't even looked at all the pictures yet. The pictures as posted on LJ are temporary files on my system, and will likely look different than when I posted them. Go to www.romm.org for info on the trip report (which isn't even remotely started).

Go to porpoising.shutterfly.com to see all the pictures, unedited and uncompressed. Let me know if Shutterfly's navigation isn't working; I've tried to separate the pictures by sections such as this, but they all seem to be in one album. And it won't let me upload anymore...

Saturday was a busy day. Even though I was in Santiago for a short time, I made two trips into the city. I'll divide this section into two parts: Early pm when I went on my own and later with the expedition. At the end of the last section, we had arrived in town and got a room. And I was tired....
narrative with picturesCollapse )
12 Postcards at standard tourist rates: $6 US
Transportation, native guide and street mime: $6 US approx
Spreading $2 and Sacagawea coins in Santiago underground economy: Priceless

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