January 25th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

"The Curse of the Were-Ellison" and other stories

I finally traded my comics for science fiction books. It only took ten years.

Minicon is approaching, and once again I'm writing a Shockwave bit for Opening Ceremonies. A smaller audience and even smaller budget means a shorter and less produced skit. But time to get cracking. Harlan Ellison is Minicon's GoH, and my working title for the Shockwave Radio Theater production is: Wallace and Gromit in: The Curse of the Were-Ellison. Ideally, with Ellison playing the were-Ellison, but we're still working on the details.

So I went to Dreamhaven to get some Ellison to pastiche. I picked up a signed copy of Dreams With Sharp Teeth, a three-volume omnibus; and The Essential Ellison, a 50 year retrospective. I knew I had a little store credit left, and sure enough the remainder of the balance covered about one of the books. On a whim, I asked when the first entry was made.

June, 1997. When I bought this condo, I sold Greg Ketter, owner of Dreamhaven, most of my comics. I cataloged them in the boxes, so he could give me a fair price. Frankly, I wasn't particularly concerned about the money, though I wanted an honest appraisal. I just didn't want to move 17 comic boxes full of stuff I hadn't looked at in a decade. Greg mentioned a buying price, but said he could give me more in store credit. Sold! (Note: Greg doesn't do this anymore.)

I never was really a collector, though I had some good stuff and even some signed comics. Mostly, I just wanted to read them. Which I did. Didn't really need to read them again. Many of the comics were bought used at Shinders, and I may have even sold some of them for more than I paid; but very few. Still, about five years of comic buying turned into about ten years of science fiction books. Not a one-to-one ratio convergence, but a good deal all around. I'm happy, Greg's happy, presumably Greg's customer's are happy.

Now all I have to do is make Harlan Ellison happy.