February 6th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

Yes, I'm a real baron of a fake country

brithistorian asked about Our Noble rank. We've moved the response here since many of our Friends may be interested; if not, please feign import and perhaps delight. We are pleased.

The country of Ladonia is a small (1 km sq) at the southern tip of Sweden. Short story of a micro-country: Sweden wouldn't let Lars Vilks, an artist, build his large pieces in their country. Too late, they were built, and rather than take them down he declared the area a sovereign country. They are still engaged in legal battles going back to 1980. Interestingly, one of the crew on the Endeavour, the ship We engaged to Antarctica, lives just a few miles from there. He was amazed We even heard of the place, and was further croggled to find out We were a Noble. He invited Our Royal Self to visit. We shall check Our schedule.

We first found out about Ladonia when most people did: A few months after 9/11, when several thousand Pakistanis applies for citizenship to escape the Afghan war (failing to read the part about no immigration or jobs), the story made CNN. I applied for "citizenship" and went so far as to become a Baron, allowing Us to use the royal "We". We're listed in the Nobles of Ladonia. We have a certificate and everything. Framed.

The proper address for a Noble of Our rank is "Sir" or "Your Lordship", but since none of you reside in Our barony, you are excused from the formal greeting. We produced a tract that was handed out at Marscon 2004, containing a more detailed history and pictures.

The motto that will grace our herald: Ad Astra, Per Aspera!

Anyone is invited to apply for citizenship of Ladonia. Citizenship is free and easy. Becoming a Noble is harder, but not much.

ETA: A scan of my Letter of Nobility.

Updated 2/15 when Ladonia changed their domain.