March 11th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

My CD collection is more interesting than it was last week

After Marscon, my CD collection became unmanageable. And it was in sorry shape before that.

I tend to listen to music differently than most people. I don't like music on as background; I listen to the music, and prefer silence for everything else. There are exceptions, but not many. With a stack of CDs people have been sending me to review and the haul from Marscon, my To Be Listened To shelves overflowed into several stacks, and the somewhat smaller but still daunting CDs in my Enter Into Individual Song Database shelf. I resolved to listen to a filk/fannish/demented CD, one of the other ones, and enter at least one in the song database, but wound up listening to more of the Marscon stuff so I can play it on the air today.

One thing before I go behind a cut:

Will people who release CDs please PUT THE TIMES OF THE SONGS ON THE TRACK LISTING.

Thank you.

A list of CDs listened to in an official capacityCollapse )
Well, I'm going to play a bunch of this stuff from 3:30-4pm today, Sat 3/11/06 90.3FM Mpls, 106.7FM St. P. Streaming audio available through Fresh Air Radio streaming audio, show archive up for two weeks (scroll down to Shockwave); podcast up sometime later.
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