March 31st, 2006

New Tilley Hat

The Heartland Project

Partially sparked by discussions on LiveJournal and in MN-STF, I started collecting a list of plain, obvious truths that few if any Repubicans will ever accept. I've collected them in The Heartland Project. If anyone's not sure about these, do a Google search or otherwise do your own research.

The Heartland Project
Simple truths: A preliminary list

  • Cutting taxes and spending more money won't balance the Federal Budget.
    This is one of the issues you can say unequivocally:
    Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong.
  • Global Warming is a serious threat to human life on Earth, and we've known this for decades.
    This is one of those issues you can say unequivocally:
    Liberals are right and conservatives are wrong.
  • There were no WMD in Iraq.
  • Bush and most of the people around him knew there were no WMD in Iraq.
  • Before the invasion, Saddam Hussein granted UN Weapons Inspectors unrestricted access to suspected sites in Iraq.
  • John Kerry is a war hero.
  • George W. Bush went AWOL.
  • Al Gore served honorably in Vietnam.
  • Evolution is the only science that currently explains the world.
  • The Reagan/Bush administration was the dirtiest in US History, though the Bush/Cheney administration is making a strong push to out-sleaze Reagan.
  • The Clinton administration was squeaky-clean.
  • The US news media is not only conservative, it's very conservative.
  • Bush lied about not knowing Katrina would be serious.
  • Bush lied about not knowing Osama bin Laden was planning a serious attack on the US.
  • Criticizing political leaders is not the same thing as criticizing the military.
  • Criticizing military decisions is not the same thing as criticizing the military.
  • A soldier can fight honorably in a dishonorable war.
  • The company founded by George W. Bush's great-grandfather and managed by his grandfather had very close ties to Nazi Germany even while we were at war with them.
  • The Jack Abramoff scandal is a uniquely Republican scandal that shows the sordid inside mechanism of Republican corruption since 1994.
  • The Bush family has very close ties to Red China.
  • The Bush family has very close ties to the Saudi royal family.
  • Public health insurance achieves equal or better health care at much lower costs.
  • Michael Moore makes documentaries; Mel Gibson does not.
  • 9/11 brought home an important point: The conviction of misplaced faith is as strong or stronger than the conviction of faith. Merely believing in your G-d does not make you a better person.