May 23rd, 2006

New Tilley Hat

Down for maintainance

I'm bringing my G5 Mac in for a yearly check up, which requires it to be there overnight. What the heck. While I may fire up the ol' G3 to play games get some work done on shsilver's article and Other Stuff, the chances are I won't be checking e-mail or on LJ for a day or so. Don't panic: Logorrhea will return.

Quick thoughts for you to ponder while I'm gone:

Laurel: The Technocrati links to pages tagged "minicon41" doesn't do much. Doesn't list my announcement here in LJ or my page or DD-B's page (though it gets some of his flikr pics).

The NY Times is still going after Clinton... both of them. The media is not merely conservative, it's very conservative. Few media outlets count as "journalism" these days. Blogs are important for the same reason Underground Newspapers were important in the 60s: The conservative news media isn't reporting the news.

Haven't visited the new downtown Mpls library, but it sounds cool. I hope they have parking...

My podcasting doesn't seem to work well, so I may invest in iLife '06 to automatically generate the coding. Yes, I'll look like a Gen X-1.

The Finale of 24 was nearly good, but still left issues unresolved. Ah well. The Season Finale of Medium was pretty good. Had to tape the Series Finale of Alias and haven't seen it yet. Meanwhile, the Season Finale of CSI: Miami went untaped, and I only caught the very end of an NBA Game 7, which went into overtime. Sheesh, four things opposite each other on tv worth watching. Three is unusual. And there are dead spots in the schedule. Ah well, now that the season is over, I'll get caught up on my Netflix DVDs.

Again, if I don't respond for a day or so, it's because I'm not online. Toodles.