June 7th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

Request: Songs about the band

I have this mad desire to make another Mind's Eye Music compilation (ie, a Thematic Mix CD that will go to several people, perhaps you), aiming for Convergence. I have many possibilities, and thought of another as I was listening to Tom Jones: Self-Chronicling songs. That is, songs about the band/singer performing.

Early candidates:
Creeque Alley, by the Mamas and the Papas
Smells Like Teen Spirit, by Pearl Jam (though I'll probably use the Chantmania version)
Green Onion, by the Beatles
Tom Jones International
I can't even think of the rapper's name, but it's a bouncy rap "ziggy zaggy". (I don't have a copy of this anyway.)
The Monkees is an obvious choice, but I used it on MEM II (and TV theme songs is a different MEM)
The Intro and the Outro by Bonzo Dog Band (though that's stretching it)

Big Bopper?
Does What's Love Got To Do With It? or Private Dancer by Tina Turner count? Autobiography is not exactly what I'm looking for.
Fanboy by Luke Ski? Does that count?

Suggestions are encouraged.