June 10th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

Right wing media or lazy journalists? Perhaps both.

(A letter to the Mpls Star Tribune. The online story Army Meets Recruiting Goal Again is longer, but still doesn't answer the perplexing paradox. In print on pA9 of today's paper, the first three sentences, ending "... since 1999" are crunched into one paragraph. The longer story is much worse for the Army, and still doesn't make a lot of sense.)

If you've ever wondered why bloggers are needed to fill the void made by the conservative news media, a small story in Saturday's STrib will answer your question.

"The Army said it surpassed its... 12th consecutive month of meeting or recruiting its target." Only on the last sentence are we informed, "[The Army] missed its full-year target" Without spin, 12 months equals a year. What's the real story? If the mainstream media is so lazy that it only prints press releases, then bloggers are going to become the journalists of record. The YearlyKos convention going on now in Las Vegas is a sign of the times.