June 14th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

Can one troll using LJ Friends?

Twice in the past few weeks I've been Friended by someone I didn't know and had no Friends in common with, who had over 700 Friends. The last one was from Moscow, and her Profile and LJ were in Cyrillic. I foafed a bit, and left a post or two, but nothing ever came of it, and both times I was de-Friended about 24 hours later. Is this common? Has this happened to you? What's going on? How did they find me with ten million LJ accounts to look through?

If you don't know (or if you want something else to talk about), please post the smell you most associate with the month of June.
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New Tilley Hat

My family tree has shoots AND ladders

I've just added vampyr1792 as a Friend, even though she's... a second cousin once removed. She found me while doing genealogical research, and it turns out she's on LJ! And she's using a picture of my grandmother (her great great aunt, I think) from my site as her user icon. Sharing a gene or two with me, it's not at all surprising she wants to write fantasy. I'm croggled, just a bit, that we can connect this way. Next she'll be going to science fiction conventions....