August 5th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

The Fringe Festival: Day Two

Well, just got back from Cannibal: The Musical (plus a preview after the show) and it's almost 2am. I want to get these reviews on LJ and posted on the Fringe web site, but either I'll wait until tomorrow or this will be short. Today was another Choreographed Day, where I didn't so much plan to see specific shows as I planned a route through a range of venues. I saw two shows held at Bring Your Own Venue locations, where a group can produce a show based in a specific location. Only that show is at the venue. This gives them freedom of scheduling, and means they don't get randomly picked. If your father has a barn, you can put on a show.

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New Tilley Hat

Fringe: Day Three

Only went to two shows, but had guests on Shockwave and recruited Shockwave Rider reviewers at the MN-STF meeting.

Words travel like robots
Love in a Time of Rinderpest is one of the silliest things I've ever seen. Whacky characters are set into motion, colliding with other whacky characters (and Bruce Springsteen). The absurdity is matched by superb acting. There is a plot, set up well, about a win-at-any- cost school principal and acting coaches and shy boxes and ghostbusters and mousy women who fall in love. I was going to round down to four and a half stars due to some rough edges and not enough mustache glue, but round up again for full 60 minute play. Indeed, they had to cut out the exposition about Rinderpest, so allow me: "a contagious viral disease of cattle, domestic buffalo, and some species of wildlife. It is characterized by fever, oral erosions, diarrhea, lymphoid necrosis, and high mortality." And they wring laughs from it. Five stars. A Shockwave Radio review.

Yes, I've now given three shows (out of nine so far) the highest rating. I've talked to other Fringers who have seen several shows and they agree that the bar, this year, is much higher.

After the show, I was getting into my car, and the guy in the next parking space was stuffing a guitar into his car. It turned out he was the writer of the play. I interviewed him ala iPod, which is how I know about cutting the definition of Rinderpest for time. I love the Fringe. iPod interviews and pictures will be up at some time.

Even later after the show, on Shockwave Radio, my guests were out of town performers from three of the Fringe Shows. Great Hymn of Thanksgiving, which I'm seeing tomorrow (Sun), Dario & Bario and Don't Drop The Soap or Lutherans Gone Wild. The show is archived at the site... you know the drill.

MN-STF meeting. Much fun, and some rehashing of old Minicon garbage which wasn't fun but probably necessary.

Count Me In
The Star Chamber. Not many playwrights get away with cosmological wordplay, and few actors have the chops to sling puns and pudding jokes. The events of The Star Chamber may not be precisely how The Steady State Theory was born, but in a universe where something is created out of nothing, this is something. A Shockwave Radio review. Four and a half stars.