August 15th, 2006

New Tilley Hat

Try my podcast! (Take 2)

Shockwave Radio Podcast aka . Could those of you who do such things try this out? Especially dreamshark who couldn't do the last attempt. On the other hand, I went through iLife and added pictures and urls. Whee! Especially jolest and jrbu who were beta testers last time.

Currently, the podcast contains one show (the most recent, with Tim Mooney of Criteria from the Fringe). It's in Garage Band format (.m4a) which has the advantage of being really small (for a half hour of audio: 14.9M) and the disadvantage that it might not work on non-Mac mp3 players. But in theory, if you have iTunes it should work. Let me know!

And if anyone knows... can I use mp3s (as opposed to m4as) when making a podcast in iWeb? I'd lose all the cool Garage Band stuff (like pictures) but the file would be more easily read by more people.