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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

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A Tale of Two Worlds: Precious Moments Collectables
Do you know anyone who collects Precious Moments? If so, what is your take on the collectors and the collectables?

Off rating a sushi restaurant last week, amid a table-full of medium-obsessive collectors of articles ranging from Pez to Amazing Stories, a mention was made that the most collectable Collectable in the world was Precious Moments. Those cute, Christian, porcelain bisque figurines with inspirational messages.

Yet none of us collected Precious Moments, nor had any between us. Further, none of us knew anyone who collected the figurines. I've been in households that had some in their Kitsch Cabinet, but no one who arrayed their coveted, time-won prizes.

One of the activities that tie Fandom together is the commonality of pursuit, even if the objects of our pursuit differ. Those who hunt down first edition manuscripts understand well the pleasure and the pain of those who seek Pez dispensers. We, as a group, have wide and varied interests, but we, for the most part, understand each other.

But we live in a different world than Precious Moments collectors, it seems. I'm wondering: Is there any overlap? is fandom still in a collectable ghetto, where 'reading sf under the sheets by flashlight' has been replaced by 'rooms full of books and [Star Wars figurines/Legos/cacti/anthropomorphic body parts]'.

I used to collect used staples, but I knew that was weird and they all fit into one Sucrets box (which I may still have around here someplace). I understand the urge to collect, but have a harder time understanding the urge to collect Precious Moments.

How different are our worlds?

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