March 29th, 2007

New Tilley Hat

Acoustic Rainbow radio promotion CDs

I just got off the phone with Brian of the Acoustic Rainbow series of radio promotion CDs. I brought up the subject of Dementia Artists. He was unfamiliar with the term, but said that he'd be interested in hearing from any musician.

Basically, you submit a song for a compilation. edited It costs $675 per song (thanks for the heads-up ericcoleman). Whether this is worth it to you to get beyond live appearances and Dr. D. is up to you. Can't hurt to make inquiries. I assume standard union rates apply if the song actually gets played on the air.

The Acoustic Rainbow CDs (and other compilations put out by the company) are more folk/old-timey than demented, but you never know what might interest them. My guess would be along the lines of Riverfolk and Carla Ulbrich. Worth a look.

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