April 11th, 2007

New Tilley Hat

Random picture of the day

Music circle at a party, probably a MN-STF meeting, at Warren Cartwright & vgqn's place, January 12, 1980.

Jay Koelsch (sp?) standing in door. Musicians l-r: Marty Hiller, ssprince, skylarker. Barney Neufeld looks on.

I absolutely love that I can post a picture nearly three decades old and half the people in the shot are on LiveJournal! Fans are slans!

music circle 1980
New Tilley Hat

Semi-Random Picture of the Semi-Day

David Singer and Ruth Sachter at a party in the lower level of one of the dorm quadrangles at The State University of Albany, where Ruth and I were attending (David went to RPI). I'm not sure of the date, probably around 1974.

Ruth is attempting the Yuccla Salute, after the God of Laughter's pose on the inside of In The Court of the Crimson King. (Spelling and divinity very much in doubt.)

While neither is, to my knowledge, on LiveJournal, both are still active in fandom. Whee!