May 2nd, 2007

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Did you take pictures at Doug Friauf's memorial?

"I noticed you were taking pictures. I was too overwhelmed to even think about taking any pictures. If you have any you wouldn't mind sharing, I would appreciate that. You can email them to me."

Darla Mariette
Doug's baby sister

She requested any pictures from the service (or of Doug, for that matter) be sent to her. She gave me permission to post her e-mail address: d.jmariette -atsign - .

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New Tilley Hat

Breaking News Photo of the Day

Okay, this is actually yesterday's breaking news, and I missed the moment of the kid holding the camera up to her eye by a half-second, but I'm still pleased with the shot.

A 21st Century Photo

An hispanic family, holding an American flag and a KMart shopping bag, with the seven year old (?) looking at the picture she just took with her pink digital camera, at an Immigration Rights rally and parade on Lake Street in Mpls May 1st, 2007.

family at immigration rights rally in Mpls
Family at Immigration Rights rally, Minneapolis
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3: Thoughts and Observations

When I was in Jr. High School, a bully named Butch died.

Butch wasn't a bad sort, as bullies go. He wasn't mean or vindictive, but he was a big (for Jr. High) black guy (in a mostly white area) and wasn't afraid to push people around to get his way. He didn't have a "gang" in the sense we use the term now, though he and a bunch of other big kids liked to dominate the playground. My only serious bicycle accident, circa 6th grade, came about because I waved to him while gliding down Highland Ave. I figured currying favor with the bullies was a good idea, but was nervous about any dealings with him and didn't notice the parked car ahead. I bumped into the car, and my leg needed bandages.

No one really hated him, to my knowledge, but few liked him much and if he had any close friends they weren't any of my acquaintances.

Sometime in Junior High, Butch was in a car accident and died. Rumor had it he pushed someone else out of the way and took the impact of crash from the front window. I don't know if this was true, but his death was a Big Deal and he was rarely spoken ill of from that day on. It consumed the school for days, and we had a school-wide assembly in his honor. His name came up now and again, all through High School.

So when the students at Sunnydale High just casually dismiss "our high mortality rate" and horrible deaths are all but forgotten by the end of the episode, I'm taken right out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn't like High School either, but the whole "High School as Hell" metaphor just utterly doesn't work for me.
Brief comments and SPOILERS for Season 3 episodesCollapse )
On Neflix' scale of one to five stars, I continue to give Buffy three stars. The second and third season both had excellent episodes and bad ones that knocked it down to about four. But I'm rounding down the DVDs due to the commentaries. The commentaries and interviews, what few of them there are, invariably give away something in the future. This is bad, though less bad if you've seen all seven seasons of Buffy plus Angel. Which I haven't. I'm still not sure I'll duck into Angel.

Well, on to Season Four. But first: Gargoyles.