June 6th, 2007

New Tilley Hat

Outside agitator invades Berkeley campus

With most of the family stuff out of the way (pictures later), Wednesday is my day to play tourist and hang out with friends. My niece went off to the 2nd grade and my cousin had lunch with her friends, so I decided to walk up Telegraph Ave to UC Berkeley. I haven't done this for years and years.

Telegraph Ave. is still funky in the way that Mpls has slipped away from. Only a few blocks around Cedar/Riverside have that incense-drenched aura of cosmic understanding, without the incense. Telegraph Ave has coffee shops, Thai restaurants, Thai-tie-dye emporiums, Swiss fondue, record stores (!) and the occasional peacenik hippy.

Arriving at the campus, I wandered around just a little. Didn't get very far in when a guy and a camereawoman finished a piece. I asked them what was going on, so they asked me if I'd like to be interviewed. Sure! I told them that I was from Mpls, and I'm clearly not a student, so what, if any, of the interview will be used is somewhat up in the air.

Still, if you're in the Bay Area and watch the Channel 7 News at 7 with Wayne Freedman ("Reporter, Golf Editor" brags his card)[***EDIT FROM DAVE'S COUSIN, CHANNEL 7 HAS NEWS FROM 5 TO 5:30 AND 6 TO 7***], then you may see me talking about the steps individuals can take to help reduce global warming.

Then stuffed myself at an All-You-Can-Eat Sushi place. Yum! I walked several miles and hope to have burned off room for the Indonesian restaurant picked out by vgqn as we go shopping and fooding with kalimac and ambertatge and diverse others not on LJ.