June 19th, 2007

New Tilley Hat

Non-random picture of the previous decade (by a little)

minnehahas B & K got married March 2, 1997 at the (then) Radisson South. Guests were encouraged to have their picture taken by the Wedding Photographer, presumably someone named H.N. Bullock. On the fly, I decided to get Egyptian, and use the personalized Pez dispensers as props. The Pez wedding gifts were lovely, with a heart on top and the date, and I still have one of them, but alas they make an insufficient crook and flail. I don't think anyone quite got the reference, until now. Here is the picture, newly scanned by B, and an image of Osiris with his symbols.

Dave Romm at wedding
Dave Romm, March 2, 1997
Osiris w/crook and flail
Osiris with crook and flail