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Monday, July 9th, 2007

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The Tribble Is A Harsh Mistress
The end of a sequence. See previous LJ entries. After a long residence in the Convergence Bridge and an attack by Klingons who came to spay and reduce the Tribble infestation, the cuuuuuuute little creatures won out. Convergence released them to interested congoers for a suggested donation to a Breast Cancer charity.

Tribbles Conquer The Klingons
Tribbles Conquer The Klingons
July 8, 2007

Baron Dave With Pet Tribble
Baron Dave With Pet Tribble
photo by bonz_lizard
July 8, 2007
Been there, haven't done that
For no good reason, I'll play this game. I've visited the destination in bold, and really really want to get to the ones in italics. I don't consider myself to be all that well travelled, and this list seems skewed: no Mall of America, Waterloo, lacks destinations in Asia and Africa. Lots of amusement parks and museums. What the heck:please extend hand for infra-red stampCollapse )

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