July 16th, 2007


Harry Potter and the Convergence Gallery

It's been a long day, considering how little I accomplished in Real Life (tm). At the suggestion of pegkerr, I went to a concert sponsored by the Mpls Libraries of Harry and the Potters. More on that later, since I took pictures. The concert was fun, though I was completely unfamiliar with the music. Apparently, the group started a whole "Wizard Rock" movement, based on the books. Peg can tell you more. The music was surprisingly sophisticated and tuneful, considering it was aimed at tweens and teens. I'll have to check into this movement more.

But that's not why I'm posting.

Convergence Gallery 2007 Is Imminent. I've finished the html and the first pass through the thumbnail page, so as usual my LJ friends get first peek. This is not finished, especially the annotation of the individual pictures. I'll be hacking away at those for the next few days, so the gallery will be changing. Corrections Encouraged! Who are all those people?

More than in the last few galleries, the thumbnails are cropped differently than the full picture.
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