August 4th, 2007

New Tilley Hat

2007 Fringe Festival: Day 3

Day 3

My Fringe goes all the way to 11... 11 shows in three days. Ahead of last year. How many will I see all told? Best guess will win a Special Egoboo Prize. Remember: No wagering.

American Folksongs: The Ballad of Ferris Riley **** 1/2

Freedom Enjoyed And Not Endured

The Prince Myshkins gave a great concert. Two guys with accordion and guitar deftly rip into modern politics. But they're more than music: they control the sound. The wordplay is excellent and they use their voices and instruments to great effect. Their CDs are great, too. (My review of Shiny Round Object.) While I would have liked to see the play that fell through due to technical problems, I'm very happy that I got a chance to see one of my favorite groups perform. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

Blue Collar Diaries **** 1/2

A Complex Series Of Contradictions

Michelle Myers easily slips in and out of sharply defined characters. She grew up in St. Paul in the mid-70s and has a keen ear for detail. With broad strokes, she paints the people around her. The series of engaging vignettes is funny and sad and revealing. I know people like that. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

Making Dolls *** 1/2

Six Marvelous Dancers

Dance, video and music illuminate a bloody tale of despair and identity. The modern dancing was excellent, though not as sharp as in their showcase. Probably more affecting for young women than for this curmudgeon. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

Flawed Genius *** 1/2

Piano Man

Barnaby King is best when he's clowning with the audience. The main prop is a piano with an unending stream of stuff to be pulled out, more versatile than Felix' bag of tricks. The narrative about the clown's flawed genius has pathos. But the really fun stuff happens during the audience back and forth. Every show is unique. Uneven, but worth seeing, and worth sitting close to the front. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

For the second day in a row I decided not to go to the late show on my schedule. I really don't want to get burnt out, and the traffic across the river is unpredictable. I did go down to where the police lines kept rubberneckers at bay, and may have seen the wreckage of the 35W bridge, but it's hard to say. I did see a whole bunch of tv newscasters in their vans, wrapping up. I almost interviewed them. I had this mad desire to talk to the Fox "News" people, and slip in the question on everyone's mind: "How will Fox News spin this so that it's the liberal's fault?" But everyone was busy, Fox reporters don't have the guts to admit this in public, and I just walked back to my car.