August 8th, 2007

New Tilley Hat

2007 Fringe Festival: Day 6

Much better than yesterday: Four good shows. The three venues were all close together on the West Bank. The exit from 35W to Washington was still closed, so I got off on 3rd and looped around. Probably still better than taking Cedar. Tonight I was considering a schedule that took me from The Southern Theatre to Interact, but trying to rush down Washington Ave. is probably a very bad idea.

Circumference **** 1/2

The Third In The Amy Salloway Trilogy (so far)

Intensely personal, very sad and very funny. Amy's one-woman show includes a large number of characters in her life and in her body. The play is rough around the edges (no jokes now); a work in progress, and every performance is a little different.

AfterLife *** 1/2

Two Studies In Death

The men are all serial killers and the women are all murder victims in this two act play which takes place in the afterlife. The first act is a discussion among serial killers about serial killing. The second act is about the price of fame and the potential responsibility. The scripts are better than the acting, and neither segment really hits the target. Still, some interesting subjects get raised. Read the playbill beforehand so you can follow the characters.

Pigeon Man Apocalypse ****

Descent Into Madness

The performance by Andy McQuade is excellent. The story isn't great, but it's a good character study of an abused child and the consequences. It's the dark side of Lindholm's "Wizard of the Pigeons". I'm rounding up because the intro music included my favorite song, "Streets of London".

Moliere Than Thou ****

Does The Original French Rhyme?

Tim Mooney is having an enormously fun time playing Moliere and assorted Moliere characters. He never stops moving, and he plays off the audience well. You don't have to know the original plays, though it helps. The dialog from the 1700s sounds a bit archaic but the subject matter remains bawdy and funny.

22 Fringes! That's waaaay ahead of where I thought I would be. While I'm not burnt out, I do think I'm due for a hump day. So tonight I'm scheduled for the 7pm MacBeth's Awesome Scottish Castle Party (to which I'll probably walk) and finally make it to the 11:30 show of An Intimate Evening With Fotis. Two shows, no running around. Might get see some of my Netflix DVDs at last. Might take a nap. Might get some work done...
New Tilley Hat


Just came back from Macbeth's Awesome Scottish Castle Party. I tend to agree with dreamshark... but I can't say anything too bad because I sat next to the Scrimshaw parents. As several of us were discussing Fringe shows, Pat alerted us to who they were and warned us to watch our comments vis her sons. We did: Easy to do as I like the Scrimshaw brothers.

Joseph Scrimshaw and parents Pat & Tim
Joseph Scrimshaw and parents Pat & Tim
Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis, Aug. 8, 2007