March 3rd, 2008

New Tilley Hat

Marscon -- up and down but mostly up

A brief report, a few pictures later.

I had a good time at Marscon. Occasionally a great time, and a few bits that were just sort of okay.

I was on some panels: Talking about religion in sf followed by a panel on Star Trek; not as big a cultural leap as one might expect... Movie panel was good. the Music panel was scheduled opposite a different music event, but it was a pretty good conversation.

I judged some karaoke: I like judging contests because the best of the singers come out. Plus, I got a banana-scented gift card as Judge's Reward.

I saw a lot of Demented Music.

I took a staggering amount of pictures, at least for me: Something over 500 over a work-schedule-shortened three days. A lot of the pictures were attempts to catch the manic movement of highly-caffeinated musicians, and weeding out the misses will trim the number considerably, but that will still leave several hundred. Oy.

Made 11 suggestions via the Cover This! CD, given to Dementia artists. Dunno if any of the songs will wind up on their playlists, but at least they should enjoy the collection.

Picked up 15 CDs. It'll take me a while to listen to them, much less write reviews and make podcasts.

More on the parties, people and [uniformed guests] as time permits.
New Tilley Hat

We partied with [redacted]

Baron Dave and new friends, faces blurred because [redacted]
Marscon, Bloomington, MN March 1, 2008CE

Science fiction conventions attract all types. I first saw [uniformed personnel] when they were waiting with fans in the elevator lobby. One fan was dressed in camouflage gear, a type different than [they] had. Two of [them] tried to buy said gear, but were unsuccessful.

They were [professionals] from [not Mpls], and had an [evening of free time] before moving on to [facility] and thence to [disputed area]. They didn't know what to expect, and neither did we. But we were friendly and supportive of their efforts, not like [allied country] where the [engagement] is even more unpopular than here. In the US, we separate the war from the warrior (no matter what the [poopy-head] Republicans say), and welcomed them as heroes and guests.

In one of the great class moves of science fiction fandom, Marscon comped all [not inconsequential number] of them.

They had a blast, going from room party to room party Saturday night, and we had a blast hosting them. Girls melted semi-chastely in their arms. Unusual drinks were proffered and accepted. [Esprit de corps] was everywhere. Incidents of overzealousness were few and handled by [someone older and wiser].

Pictures were taken, including the one above. Alas, their [outing] is [completely uninteresting, really] and we can't show their faces or [gauche] incidents. Some conreports beat the request. I hope it all gets straightened out. I really can't imagine that [the bad guys] pay much attention to Marscon reports, or could do much with the information if they did. Still, the request was made and I intend to honor it until [head honcho] says otherwise.

So in the mean time: Thanks for coming to Marscon! Go get 'em! Perhaps you'll come back when we can [show you the rest of the convention].